Book Review: Gaslight Carnival by Tracy Cembor


Tracy Cembor sent me an email via the Contact Me page on this blog and asked whether I do book reviews in return for gift copies. Gaslight Carnival is her first novella and currently available on Amazon for US$0.99. For that price, I told her I’d happily purchase a copy to read and review it. Continue reading

When Your Favourite Authors Jump the Shark


If you’re not familiar with the reference, “jumping the shark” is what Fonzie did in a latter episode of Happy Days – and it was the point at which people started thinking the show had gone on a few episodes too long. After all, he is water skiing in the scene in which he jumps the shark. Yes, that’s almost unbelievably right. He literally jumps a shark while water skiing!

Now I would never suggest that anyone should ever stop writing – how would we ever get better if we stopped? – but there seem to be a number of uber successful writers who have reached a point where their writing, which was once “must read” to me, is now a bit ho hum. In fact, I have stopped reading some of my once favourite writers altogether. Continue reading

Book Review: Ghost Money by Andrew Nette


I really wanted to like this book because it is written by someone who lives in the same town as me…but I just couldn’t. Ghost Money is ostensibly the story of a private detective searching for a missing Australian businessman in Cambodia but so much of it feels like a history lecture (and I do mean lecture) that I often forgot that we were supposed to be on the lookout for a missing person. Continue reading

My Top Ten Movies – Part One


This is not a traditional top ten movies list. Even though many of them are my favourite movies, this is my list of top ten movies containing great dialogue with examples included. Sometimes great dialogue goes by so quickly you don’t have a chance to appreciate the beauty of its construction.

I’ve broken it into two parts because it got very long when I was typing it up. So here are the first five of my top ten movies in no particular order and some terrific pieces of writing. Continue reading