The Last Great Shame – Song Lyrics


Verse One
A girl wading out to sea
Praying there is no baby
And hoping she’ll be able to forget
A guy bragging to the boys
Didn’t leave her with a choice
Left her with bruises and a threat

Verse Two
And now she has finally guessed
Nothing more than second best
Nothing less than worthy of his hate
She can’t forgive the violence
So she balances her silence
With a blood red circle round the date Continue reading

Perfection – Song Lyrics


Verse One
Someday long ago
Tears for a tale of woe
And smiles for what you perceive

Never right now
Silence as you take a bow
And voices as you prepare to leave

Advocate devil’s advice
Lies you can’t hear twice
And truths you can’t ever hear

One liberated urge
Children right there on the verge
And adults who can only fear Continue reading

Sessions With The Shrink – Song Lyrics


A quick note on these song lyrics: I had bought a new computer which came with a pre-installed voice recognition program. I had to read a bunch of words to train the computer to recognise me specifically but even after all that work, it still struggled to translate what I was saying into the headset onto the page. In fact, a lot of it was gobbledy-gook. I took some of the gobbledy-gook phrases and turned them into these song lyrics because I thought they had a certain poetry to them, even though they often made no sense.

The phrase “What can I say?” was what I had to say when the computer when it was struggling and I was struggling. I incorporated that, too, and obviously that is what the reference “I thought at least a machine would understand” means. Continue reading

Counting – Song Lyrics


Verse One
One true love and I thought that you were mine
Two sides to every story but you were at her shrine
Three in the bed and I was the one pushed out
Four times I saw you with her to make me doubt
Twenty years old when I let myself get caught
A lifetime of misery in the lessons I was taught
Fourteen diamonds in the ring that kept me chained
Too many stories I believed when you explained Continue reading

What I Meant To Say – Song Lyrics


I starting writing song lyrics after completing my Advanced Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing, reasoning that there was no money in poetry (which I studied for two years) and plenty of money in music. The only problem, of course, is that I can’t write music or sing. They’re probably too complex to be song lyrics and some of the pieces I have converted into poems but some don’t make the transition well.

Anyway, here’s a piece that I don’t feel too badly about all these years later. Continue reading

My Top Ten Albums


Last year on Twitter I tweeted my list of the top ten albums I enjoy listening to. It probably won’t come as any surprise that while there are particular types of music I prefer, it is often the lyrics that really hit home for me. So here’s the list replicated (in reverse order, as all good top ten lists are) with samples of the spectacular words that fill the songs.

Continue reading