Screen Scene: The Wife of Jack the Ripper


As part of my Master’s degree, I did a subject called Screen Adaptation. I’m a bit of a Jack the Ripper conspiracy enthusiast and at the time I was reading a book about Florence Maybrick, who was accused of murdering her husband, James, by poisoning him and was put to death for the crime. It just so happens that James Maybrick is one of the myriad of Jack the Ripper suspects. He was also the purported author of the now discredited Jack the Ripper diaries (a fascinating read nonetheless – that’s what I call creativity).

The following is a scene written for my major assessment piece for Screen Adaptation, a creative reimagining of Florence murdering James, but only after discovering that he is Jack the Ripper by finding and reading the fictional diary. (Battlecrease House is the name of the manor they lived in.) Continue reading

The Questions Every Employer Should Be Asking


You’re paid the big bucks to make the hard decisions but you don’t (and can’t) know it all. And pretending that you do can be far more detrimental than admitting you might benefit from someone else’s assistance every once in a while.

So where do you look for help? Right under your nose. If there’s anyone who knows your business (and the components that go into running it) as well as you, it’s your employees. Collectively, they know more than any outside consulting analyst brought in for a couple of weeks could ever hope to. Plus they have a vested interest in helping you to make it the best workplace it can be. Their professional wellbeing depends on it. Continue reading

Australian English


Just a brief post today. For anyone who has been reading this blog, you may have noticed that although I sometimes use US English spellings (I was very careful to edit Enemies Closer to contain US English spellings to ensure it didn’t annoy any potential American readers), most of my posts adhere to the conventions of Australian English. Why? Well, because I’m Australia, of course! Continue reading

What’s in a (Character) Name?


There are few things I love more in writing than naming characters. I love it so much and am so determined to get it right that I can spend weeks thumbing through my baby name books. I have four of them and when I picked the up cheap in a second-hand store, I think I may have unintentionally given my parents and grandparents the wrong idea. Oops! Continue reading