Project October: Week Four


Abandonment or Accomplishment
By this point you will know whether you are heading towards success or failure. My final result, in many ways, feels closer to abandonment because I wrote so few words in weeks three and four.

But it should all be kept in perspective. Even though I didn’t achieve my minimum target of 14,000 words, I still wrote over 10,000 words. This pushed me past the 50,000 word mark (closer to 60,000 words, in fact) and over the half way point of the novel I am writing. Even these kinds of small achievements are worth celebrating. Continue reading

Project October: Week Three


It’s almost inevitable that any attempt at intensive writing will hit a roadblock at some point. Mine happened on day 15. I had written three pages of the latest chapter on day 14 and on day 15 I realised it wasn’t working. It was hard work writing it and even harder work reading it the next day because it was a huge info dump. Continue reading

Project October: Week One


So the kids are in bed, the cats are fed, the wife/hubby is watching The Bachelor/a game of football (or whatever variation on this theme is relevant to you) and you finally have a couple of hours to yourself to begin Project October. I always try to set aside two hours at a minimum when I know I won’t have interruptions. For me, this generally ends up being after 9.00pm at night. For you, it might be from 5.00am to 7.00am. Maybe you’re a stay-at-home parent with a toddler who naps between 1.00pm and 3.00pm before you have to do the school run. There are no hard and fast rules about when to write, except for this: write whenever you can, as long as you write every day over the next month. Continue reading