Screen Scene: The Meaning of Life


Okay, this isn’t actually just a scene, it’s an entire screenplay for a short film. I wrote this more than ten years ago when I was having a sort of existential crisis about my non-writing career and the meaningless jobs I was working.

It’s long so I forgive anyone who chooses not to read it but I still think it’s one of the best things I’ve written. Continue reading


Screen Scene: Fox Force Five


“Fox Force Five” is the name of the television show Uma Thurman’s character in Pulp Fiction shot a pilot for and even though it’s a tiny part of the movie, it got my mind churning all those years ago. I developed five disparate female characters and wrote introductory scenes for all of them.

The following is Khadija’s introductory scene. She was a kick-ass former military officer, an Israeli Arab and Mossad agent, who found herself teaching suburban and rural women self-defence.

I never really took it anywhere and this was written all the way back in 2001. Continue reading

Screen Scene: No Easy Deaths


This is a scene from the pilot episode of Raising Kane, a television show I wrote a dozen episodes of (never produced) before I switched my focus to novels. The Kane family, represented in this scene by Jolie (one of the daughters) and Francesca (the grandmother), are at the wake after the funeral of Jonas Kane (the father), murdered by someone as yet unknown.

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Screen Scene: The Wife of Jack the Ripper


As part of my Master’s degree, I did a subject called Screen Adaptation. I’m a bit of a Jack the Ripper conspiracy enthusiast and at the time I was reading a book about Florence Maybrick, who was accused of murdering her husband, James, by poisoning him and was put to death for the crime. It just so happens that James Maybrick is one of the myriad of Jack the Ripper suspects. He was also the purported author of the now discredited Jack the Ripper diaries (a fascinating read nonetheless – that’s what I call creativity).

The following is a scene written for my major assessment piece for Screen Adaptation, a creative reimagining of Florence murdering James, but only after discovering that he is Jack the Ripper by finding and reading the fictional diary. (Battlecrease House is the name of the manor they lived in.) Continue reading