An Interview with Louise Truscott by Louise Truscott


If you’re wondering why I’m interviewing myself, you obviously haven’t read my post from Tuesday (Can’t Get Anyone to Interview You About Your Book? Interview Yourself!). Read it first and then hopefully this won’t seem quite so self-indulgent.

How long have you been writing?
I don’t know where the time has gone but it’s been over twenty-five years now. I started, like all children, writing adorable yet cringe-worthy stories for my primary school English class, progressed to angsty poetry in high school and by Year 12, I was writing a novella. When I started university, I moved into writing romance. I was so sure that I was going to be the next queen of Australian romance fiction. But I found the confines of the genre very limiting. I didn’t want to write one thing, I wanted to write everything. Continue reading


The Questions Every Employer Should Be Asking


You’re paid the big bucks to make the hard decisions but you don’t (and can’t) know it all. And pretending that you do can be far more detrimental than admitting you might benefit from someone else’s assistance every once in a while.

So where do you look for help? Right under your nose. If there’s anyone who knows your business (and the components that go into running it) as well as you, it’s your employees. Collectively, they know more than any outside consulting analyst brought in for a couple of weeks could ever hope to. Plus they have a vested interest in helping you to make it the best workplace it can be. Their professional wellbeing depends on it. Continue reading