Happy – A Poem


The child has seen good but
The adult has turned bad
The innocence is long gone

The girl once had dreams but
The woman went slowly mad
Opportunity was just a con

The boy thought he could love but
The man stayed always sad
Living under a sun that never shone

Is anyone happy anymore? Continue reading


Poetry Spotlight on Bruce Dawe


Continuing on with the month of Mondays in May dedicated to poetry and poets, today’s subject is Bruce Dawe. As far as I’m concerned, Bruce Dawe is Australia’s greatest poet and making a statement like that could potentially spark heated debate given the other candidates: Banjo Patterson, Henry Lawson, Les Murray and several others.

The three Bruce Dawe books in my collection are This Side of Silence: Poems 1987-1990, Condolences of the Season: Selected Poems and Sometimes Gladness: Collected Poems 1957 to 1997. So I have a good selection of Bruce Dawe poems to showcase and demonstrate his genius. Continue reading

What I Meant To Say – Song Lyrics


I starting writing song lyrics after completing my Advanced Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing, reasoning that there was no money in poetry (which I studied for two years) and plenty of money in music. The only problem, of course, is that I can’t write music or sing. They’re probably too complex to be song lyrics and some of the pieces I have converted into poems but some don’t make the transition well.

Anyway, here’s a piece that I don’t feel too badly about all these years later. Continue reading

Gone – A Poem


There’s a shirt on the rug
Fell off with a hug
It’s been there since last year

There’s space under the stairs
Caught me unawares
So far and yet so near

There’s a book on the bed
One you’ve never read
Guess it must be mine

There’s a heart on the floor
One you never saw
To you things still seem fine Continue reading