Problematic Advice to a Jobseeker


I know how lucky I am. By choice, I’ve had a year out of permanent work, spending that time writing, doing some more writing, writing a little more, publishing a book I wrote, and being choosy about which freelance roles I accepted.

But now that I’m looking to return to full-time work, I’ve had a number of interesting pieces of advice on how I can do that more easily. Some of them are interesting. Some of them are downright terrible. Some might seem unethical. But if everybody else is doing them, am I just losing out by not doing them, too? Continue reading


Nine Reasons You Didn’t Hear Back About That Job Application


Everyone knows the process. You want a new job, you spend time perfecting your CV, you craft compelling cover letters, and you apply for anything that fits your criteria. And then you wait. And wait. And wait some more. Until, eventually, you realise that you’ve waited long enough. And worse than just being not interested, your potential employer was so uninterested you didn’t even get a polite ‘thanks but no thanks’.

There seems to be two types of jobs these days: the jobs nobody wants and the jobs everybody wants. So when a recruiter receives 250 applications, they’re probably stressed enough trying to sort through them and find the people they want to proceed to the next stage with. They barely have the time to regret not getting back to you, let alone to actually drop you an email so you can stop hoping for a call. Continue reading