The Importance of a Searchable Platform


As much as we might like it to be otherwise, being a good writer – even being a great writer – generally isn’t enough to become a successful writer. And in this day and age, when the first instinct of many people is to Google something or someone in order to know more about them, if you aren’t on those first few pages of results, you might as well not exist at all. Unless other people are already talking about you and your writing, having a searchable platform is one of the keys to this. Continue reading


Gone – A Poem


There’s a shirt on the rug
Fell off with a hug
It’s been there since last year

There’s space under the stairs
Caught me unawares
So far and yet so near

There’s a book on the bed
One you’ve never read
Guess it must be mine

There’s a heart on the floor
One you never saw
To you things still seem fine Continue reading

200 Thank Yous On The Occasion Of My 200th Blog Post


Thank you to my sister Liz Holmes-Truscott (1), the soon to be Dr Mrs Elizabeth Mawson, for letting me pick your brain about blogging (read Sewn by Elizabeth here), reading the first draft of Black Spot and providing important feedback, such as to remove “Louise” words.

Thank you to my sister Natalie Campbell (2), the former Natalie Truscott, for reading the first draft of Black Spot and providing important feedback, such as to remove the peeing scene.

Thank you to my dad, Alan Truscott (3), for trying to read my first novel, Enemies Closer, even though you fall asleep when you try to read anything, even the newspaper. Continue reading

One Year Ago Today, A Little Blog Was Born


It was one year ago today that I created and posted my first blog. Since then, I’ve posted 166 times (with plenty more scheduled for the future), I’ve had 1,710 views, 883 visitors and 292 likes. The majority of my readers are in Australia and the US but I’ve also been read by people from the UK, Canada, New Zealand, Bangladesh, India, the Philippines, Ireland, Vietnam, Finland, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and several handfuls of other countries.

I’ve written more in the past year than I’ve ever written before and having this blog is the reason why. Because I’ve set myself goals and I’ve managed to stick to them, posting a book review every Monday (excluding the month of Project October, which you can read about here, here, here, here and here ) as well as blog posts on various writing related topics and samples of my creative writing with the occasional guest post thrown in.

In the tradition of all good writers who want to rest on the laurels of all their previous hard work and have reached a milestone that is as good an excuse as any, here are some of the highlights of Year One. Continue reading

New Year’s Writing Resolutions


In mid-November 2012, I released my debut novel, Enemies Closer. By the end of November 2012, people were asking when they could expect a sequel. So on 31 December 2012, I made a New Year’s resolution (and made it public by tweeting it) to spend 2013 completing The Cassandra Syndrome. It’s now 1 January 2016 and I still haven’t finished writing it. Continue reading

An Introduction and an Apology


The apology first:
I’m sorry – because, yes, I am yet another writer. You know the type. Disillusioned from years of work loosely related or completely unrelated to writing, which serves a financial purpose but adds up to a lot of regret about wasted time.
And now here I am, starting yet another writing blog and hoping someone, somewhere will see it and save me from thirty more years of disillusionment.

Continue reading