A Few Numbers on the Occasion of My 500th Blog Post


This piece of writing represents the 500th time I’ve posted on my blog since I began it in February 2015. Coincidentally, I recently realised there was a bunch of statistical information that I’d never really looked at before. I mean, whenever I logged in, I would see the daily numbers of how many people were looking, at what and from where. But I’d never thought about the bigger picture.

These numbers are by no means impressive. I’m a very small fish in a very large pond. But considering before I had this blog that almost nobody was reading anything I wrote, they seem massive to me.

I have 342 followers. On 499 posts, I’ve had 21,273 views from 14,101 visitors. I have 21 posts that have only ever been looked at by one person. I don’t have any posts that no one has ever looked at. That surprised me. The most views I’ve ever had in one day is 190.

The most popular page on my blog is my homepage, which has had 3,908 views. I suspect at least some of this is attributable to what I named my blog, “Single White Female Writer”. All those people searching for the writer of the movie Single White Female stumble across me instead. I think a lot of people also get to one of my posts titled “Sex Scene from Liberty’s Secret” because of a lesbian romance movie with a particularly titillating scene. I imagine a lot of the 333 people who’ve viewed that page are disappointed when what they find on my blog is the sex scene I wrote for one of my earliest novels, published nowhere else except on my blog, Liberty’s Secret. Not a naked lesbian in sight.

My most popular posts are “The Fictional Diary: Another Way to Structure Your Novel” (1,022 views), my book review of The Sheep-Pig by Dick King-Smith (1,021 views) and “Can Women Write Male Characters? Can Men Write Female Characters?” (601 views). Not wholly insignificant but certainly nothing to my most successful piece of writing, an article on LinkedIn called “Three Books Women in Their Thirties Should Read About Misinformation, Motivation and Motherhood” (nearly 10,000 views). I don’t know how to explain the popularity of that book review but the other two pieces have almost certainly been helped by the fact that a couple of universities in the US had them on the reading lists for their writing programs.

I’ve had readers from 145 different countries but, by far, my biggest audiences are in the United States (8,664 views), my home country of Australia (5,583 views) and the United Kingdom (1,547 views), hardly surprising since I write in English.

In my first three years of blogging, I posted roughly the same amount of words – 140,695 words in 152 posts in 2015, 154,307 words in 158 posts in 2016 and 141,741 words in 96 posts in 2017. In 2018, I posted 52 times and 52,600 words and in 2019 so far, I have posted 39 times and 32,994 words as I have tried to find more balance between writing for my blog and writing for my novels.

When I first started blogging, I averaged around 100 views a month. It has happened gradually but I am now averaging over 1,000 views a month, sometimes closer to 1,500 views a month.

And that’s it. In retrospect, I can’t help thinking that it’s all completely irrelevant. None of these numbers say anything about the quality of what I write. I guess that’s a blog post for someone else to write somewhere in the future.

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