Project October 2017: Week Three


Yes, it’s that time of year again when I go on a partial hiatus to do a really intensive month of writing. Normal posts will resume in November but, in the meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy an insight into this year’s Project October.

Week Three: Continuing

Week Three and I still haven’t written a single word. I can’t stop thinking about my sister and how much I want her to be able to tell her story. It probably wouldn’t support an entire book on its own but it would certainly be a powerful chapter in a book of motherhood stories from multiple women. And I know a lot of women with diverse and important experiences of motherhood.

Another of my sisters fell pregnant at 16 and had her first child at 17 – still she’s worked her whole life and is studying a master’s degree now and she did a lot of it all by herself. My youngest sister, who I’ve written about quite a bit, has already decided at the age of 20 that she won’t have children, not because she has no desire for them – she’s a lot like my sister who is the mother of the twins in that marriage and babies are right at the top of her list – but because she unselfishly doesn’t want to pass on her multitude of genetic conditions including rheumatoid arthritis, clinical depression, scores of allergies and chronic fatigue syndrome. Instead she’s planning to foster and adopt.

My aunt lost her third husband and later her middle-aged son to suicide. Her daughter, my cousin, lost her son to suicide just before his twenty-first birthday. I have friends who weren’t born in Australia but are now raising their children in a culture entirely different to the one they grew up in. I have friends whose children have had more surgery in the first two years of their lives than most people will ever have. I know friends of friends who were told after medical malpractice that they would never have children only to fall pregnant and others who have adopted children born drug addicted and remain developmentally delayed to this day.

I know so many mothers with amazing stories to tell that I could probably fill two books, not just one. And this passion I’m feeling about the subject? It’s the thing that for some reason is completely missing from my attempts to finish writing Trine. It’s little wonder then that I’ve been so easily distracted from what I initially set out to do at the start of this month.

It’s an ongoing problem for me. I come up with so many ideas but complete so few of them. I suppose it’s because the excitement of the idea can be overwhelming but the hard work it takes to bring them to fruition can be offputting. There’s excitement again when it’s done but there’s usually so much time and effort between the excitement of the idea and the excitement of finishing that it isn’t as much of an incentive as I would like it to be.


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