Project October Writing Journal – Part 12


Day 26

I didn’t write today and after not writing yesterday that really has put me behind schedule with the word count. I slept late (exhaustion still not dealt with), washed my hair, dried my hair, fell asleep again (when I am tired, I am really tired), then woke up to have some dinner and go to a branch meeting of the political party I am a member of. Sometimes, it just isn’t going to happen no matter how good your intentions are.

Today’s Word Count: 0

Ongoing Tally: 23,826


Day 27

I’m back on track today. I had another job interview this morning, but for a different job, and I’m back home now. It’s only early afternoon so I have plenty of writing time. I’ve upped my daily target for the last four days of Project October to 1,500 words per day, which should mean I get to 30,000 words by the time it’s over. And what’s an extra 500 words a day? Nothing. If I look back at some days during this month, I’ve been doing that and more anyway.

The recruiter from the job interview I did last week called this morning to let me know he would be doing reference checks and to allow me to give my referees a heads up, which I duly did. My referees all reported back that they’d said nice things about me and wishing me good luck. But the recruiter made it clear that it was a pre-decision reference check, saying he wanted to do it beforehand as part of the process. The people at the job interview I went to today said that I’d know by Friday what was what, so a much shorter process. I’m doing that thing that I always do, which is get ahead of myself, but I’m wondering if maybe I’m going to have two job offers and a choice. Or will it be no job offers and continued waiting? I don’t like the not knowing. I don’t like not really being in control of my own future, which is how job searching feels.

I said on Day 24 that I was reinterpreting an already written conversation and that made the writing easier but today I was doing writing from scratch and I seemed to be whizzing through that, too. I recognise now that the quality of part three isn’t anywhere close to parts one and two. It is going to require a lot more reworking and rewriting than the others. I don’t think I mind though. Even the wrong words are so much easier to deal with than no words at all. The blank page is daunting in an all-consuming way, although less so than it used to be. Once a writer realises that it doesn’t have to be perfect the first time, as long as the writer is prepared to go over it again and again and again, then writing can be easier, less stressful, less painful.

As predicted during my last writing session, I have hit the 80,000 word mark. Yippee! These nice, round achievements are arbitrary but they are good anyway. But I’m writing total garbage, the “wrong words” as I called them above. I’m feeling a little bipolar. How I feel can be the complete opposite from one moment to the next.

Today’s Word Count: 1,576

Ongoing Tally: 25,402


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