Project October Writing Journal – Part 11


Day 24

Agony today. High heels yesterday partly responsible. Dancing at the wedding partly responsible. Nursing eight-month old twin nieces partly responsible. Taking public transport to the wedding and home again also partly responsible. I didn’t even wake up until half past one in the afternoon, which I suppose is the sign of a good wedding, right? It’s also a sign of the complete exhaustion that seems to befall me after every social event I attend. I am starting to feel older than my age. Not just the aches and pains. Every time I interact with young people, people in their teens and early twenties, they just make me shake my head in frustration and ask, “Was I ever that stupid and self-involved?” I don’t think I was but isn’t that what all older people think?

Today was another day of reinterpreting an already written conversation and considering how terrible I was feeling, it was excellent timing. I doubt I would have written anywhere near 1,500 words if I’d had to write it all from scratch.

I have another full day of family events tomorrow so I don’t think I’ll be able to write but I’m still happy with my progress. I’m close enough to the daily target and the eventual monthly goal to be able to say I’ve taken a huge stride towards where I want to be. In my next writing session, I will be passing the 80,000 word mark in this novel and that feels like an enormous achievement. There are six days left of this Project October and I would love to make it to 90,000 words but even if I don’t, I’m already judging the whole month a success.

Today’s Word Count: 1,550

Ongoing Tally: 23,826


Day 25

Lunch with my grandfather, football (fantastic win, so fantastic we’re in disbelief that it was the same team we watched in the previous weeks), then dinner with my father. Got home at half past eleven at night so no writing.

Today’s Word Count: 0

Ongoing Tally: 23,826



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