Project October Writing Journal – Part 8


Day 17

I spent the morning doing job applications, then watched the football with my grandfather in the afternoon and stayed at his house for dinner. He gave me a bangle and a necklace that belonged to my grandmother and that she specified in her will she wanted me to have. I was so touched when I found out. I knew my grandmother had a lot of jewellery but I assumed she would divide it up amongst her daughters and daughter-in-law on the assumption they would do the same when their time came.

This is going to sound stupid but when I’m not there, I assume people don’t think about me. I live a reasonably solitary life now, as much as someone with an enormous family can, and although I think about my sisters and nieces and nephews and parents and grandparents when I’m not with them, I always thought they would be so busy living their lives that they wouldn’t have time to think about me. But I lived with my grandparents for eleven years and as much as they have touched my life, I suppose I must have touched theirs, too. I must have been important to my grandmother. To have such tangible evidence of it now is heart-warming and heart-breaking at the same time.

I didn’t have a chance to write. I’m only 207 words behind so I’m sure I will make it up tomorrow.

Today’s Word Count: 0

Ongoing Tally: 16,793


Day 18

I didn’t write today. Instead I had some thinking time (often just as important as the writing itself but not all conducive to Project October). I wrote the first chapter of the third part over the last few days and although I’m happy with the plot and the writing, I think I’ve revealed too much in that first chapter. I’m going to go back through it and take some parts out. But I’m not going to discard them, I’m just going to find a place in later chapters to put them.

Even though I know this thinking time was necessary, it has again put me behind schedule on the word count. The pressure of that word count when I’m not meeting it is sometimes overwhelming. I guess tomorrow will need to be a big writing day because I have to write over 2,000 words to be on target (and over 3,000 to catch up with the daily target of 1,000 words a day seeing as I started a day early). I will be able to give it my full attention because I did lots of housework today so not as much to do tomorrow. God, I hate housework!

Today’s Word Count: 0

Ongoing Tally: 16,793


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