Project October Writing Journal – Part 7


Day 14

I had an actual job interview today. Not just meeting with a recruiter, an actual job interview. We’ll see where it goes. I can never tell if I do well or not because I’m too busy being nervous to notice. Meeting new people is not my forte. Selling myself is not my forte (I might have sold more books and this whole job search might have been unnecessary if it were). It’s a miracle that I’ve ever been hired before to be honest. (Yep, employer gave recruiter feedback that I seemed nervous. But I’ve gotten to the second interview stage so fingers continue to be crossed.)

I wrote nothing today. I am really struggling with the transition to the new character’s perspective. I didn’t think I would. But he’s been completely one dimensional in his appearances in the novel up until now and I don’t know him as well as I thought I did. At least, I thought his focus was so narrow that he only had one dimension but nobody is like that. Or if they are, they’re not very good characters.

I spent the evening watching TV instead. I mean, all evening. I haven’t done that for months, not since I stopped working full-time and started writing full-time. It’s what I do when I’ve had a hard or bad day at work and just need not to think at all. Hmmm.

Today’s Word Count: 0

Ongoing Tally: 14,402


Day 15

I nearly choked to death on a vitamin tablet this morning. (Who says vitamins are good for us?) Instead of swallowing it, I accidentally breathed it and it got lodged in my windpipe. I could hear the air whistling around it as I breathed. It took about five minutes of gagging and retching before it finally came out. Now I am in pain. It feels like I’ve had a tube in my throat and my chest and ribs are really sore. My body did what it was designed to do to get the tablet back up but I think in order to do that there were muscles involved that I don’t normally ever use. I’m exhausted and sore and I don’t feel like writing. Maybe later.

I met with my job agency advisor this morning as well (busy day). It’s been three months since I started looking for work and three months means extra help is offered. I didn’t know what that extra help would be but apparently it is clothes to wear to job interviews and fuel cards to help get to job interviews. Not the kind of help I was hoping for. My advisor called me “an outlier” because he has no experience helping someone like me look for work – he mostly deals with people without any education looking for blue collar work. Why was he assigned to me? I asked if I’d be better off with a different advisor but he said no, everyone else would be much the same. Government-appointed job advisor apparently equals lowest common denominator.

I’m starting to realise that recruitment is a very poor industry for service. They don’t tailor their approach for different types of candidates and often don’t even know enough about the jobs they are trying to fill. I received a phone call today from a recruiter I previously met with who told me I wasn’t going to progress with a job I applied for because the employer was looking for someone with advertising agency experience. But that wasn’t in the job ad. If that had been in the job ad, then I wouldn’t have applied for it. So I’ve wasted hours of my time applying for the job, travelling to the city to meet with the recruiter, meeting with the recruiter, travelling home again and then taking his multiple follow-up phone calls.

I finally started writing and I’ve scrapped everything I wrote on Day 13 but luckily it was only 198 words so I don’t resent it as much as I would if I had written the full daily target. I think I’m finally in this new character’s mindset so the words are coming again. It’s not perfect but that’s not the point of Project October. I just have to keep thinking first draft, first draft, first draft. And that the second draft will be closer to perfect. And the third draft will be closer to perfect again. But I can’t get to the second and third drafts if I never finish the first. So write, dammit, write! And write I did.

Today’s Word Count: 1,158

Ongoing Tally: 15,560


Day 16

I’m a person of routines but my routines change frequently. My latest one is to write while listening to the football on the radio. I used to write in complete silence. Then I wrote with classical music playing in the background. Even though I fall into habits, those habits change because I get bored easily so I need to change it up. The key is that I can’t be distracted. I can’t write with the television on. I’m an observer so watching, or even just having the option of watching, something would mean little writing gets done. I also can’t write if there is music on that I want to sing along to. Way too distracting.

I have three family events and a job interview this week so I really need to be on top of my word count. 1,500 words today means it won’t matter that I can’t write tomorrow. If I can do multiple daily targets in single days, then I should be okay. We’ll see.

Today’s Word Count: 1,233

Ongoing Tally: 16,793



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