Project October Writing Journal – Part 5


Day 10

I didn’t sleep well last night (I blame it on the wet hair) so I didn’t end up starting to write until after five o’clock this evening. But I reached the target in just over two hours. A lot of the last couple of chapters has felt very much like a first draft but at least I’m getting something down. Plus I like reviewing, editing and rewriting so when the time comes, I’ll be okay. And it is so much easier handing over a first draft to a beta reader than trying to talk to them about it when all I have is a blank page.

I heard a church advertisement on the radio which I had on while I was working. I normally can’t write with the radio on. But for some reason I can listen to the football without being distracted. Anyway, the advertisement was talking about Captain Sullenberger, the Miracle on the Hudson pilot. Apparently he said that he thought of all his education and experience as deposits and when the plane went down, he was able to make a big withdrawal from his life bank to get that good result. Writing can be thought of in the same way, I think. We learn and write and observe and write and work and write and play and write and then one day, everything comes together and we’ve written something worthwhile. At least, I hope that’s how it works.

Today’s Word Count: 1,361

Ongoing Tally: 11,645


Day 11

Cats keep walking over me and jumping on my stomach. It’s their way of telling me to stop writing and feed them. But I think the end of daylight savings has screwed with their internal clocks. They’re usually so good, spot on five o’clock but it’s only half past four and they’re driving me nuts.

I’ve just finished the second last chapter in part two, so only one more to go before I can move on to part three. I’m really happy with how much writing I’m getting done and I think the bones are good but I know I’m going to need to add some flesh during the rewrite. In part two, anyway. I’m pretty confident that part one is of a pretty good standard because I wrote most of it outside of a Project October intensive writing month, meaning I was less concerned about word count and more interested in getting it right then and there.

I wrote 500 words before dinner and came upstairs afterwards to write another 500 and my cats decided that was a good time to have a massive scrag fight. They separated pretty quickly, as they always do when I yell at them to knock it off, but when Mia, my only female, started licking the end of the bed, I noticed something on it. It was blood, massive arterial drops of it. As I tried to clean it up, I noticed more on the floor. And then a puddle of it as well as drips down the stairs where she had run to get away from Kiwi, my dominant male. He’d managed to open a gash on her front right leg and it bled a lot. In cat terms, it’s minor but wounds to a cat’s foot or leg tend to bleed profusely. Anyway, she’s off licking her wounds now (couldn’t resist that).

When I finally sat down to write, I ended up blasting through it. Honestly, even though I know it isn’t the best writing I’ve ever done, the plot is coming together nicely. I’m slowly revealing more and more with each chapter and it feels like a proper mystery/thriller should. Yay!

Today’s Word Count: 2,139

Ongoing Tally: 13,784



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