Project October Writing Journal – Part 4


Day 7

I’m back from the city where I met with another recruiter – an hour and a half there, thirty minutes with the recruiter, an hour and a half back. I hate commuting. I actually don’t live an hour and a half from the city, that’s just how long it takes on public transport. Now that I’m looking for work, most of which appears to be in the city, I am feeling the distance of where I have chosen to buy my property. It didn’t matter when I worked locally. I’d love to work locally again but there isn’t a lot of work for a writer in the suburbs.

I wrote nearly 1,200 words this afternoon and then went to make dinner, thinking I might have another day like yesterday and come back to write well into the evening. I don’t know where the evening went but it’s nearly ten o’clock now. I suppose the lesson is to write early and write often and if I can’t write often, then writing early might get me to the target before I lose focus or motivation or whatever it is that went haywire tonight.

Still, I’m back on track – actually I’m 494 words ahead. But I’m going to try not to rely on those 494 words. I want to stay ahead. I want to forge ahead even further. And look at that number. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll hit the 10,000 word mark. It’s amazing what can be accomplished when I set myself ambitious yet achievable goals.

Today’s Word Count: 1,198

Ongoing Tally: 8,494


Day 8

What a difference a day makes. It was only yesterday that I was advocating “write early and write often”. Why can’t I take my own advice? It’s half past eight in the evening and I had noble plans but I spent quite a while doing housework today and then didn’t feel like writing. Damn housework! But I can’t really blame it. Sometimes when you’re a writer, you can feel like all you do is write. And even though you might be writing a bunch of different things, it’s all still just writing. Maybe I was craving something different to do. Even if it was housework. Weird, huh?

I might have also written myself into a corner. Because my novel is structured into three parts in which three different characters recount the same two weeks and I’m writing the second part, I know roughly what is happening before I write it. The problem is that what I wrote in the first part is that two of the characters spend an evening together in a hospital room not talking to each other. It makes sense in the context of what’s happening. And in the first part it was just a paragraph. But in the second part, it’s almost the entire chapter. Thrilling.

Honestly, who’d want to be a writer? Me, I guess, despite it all.

Well, I wrote for a few hours while listening to the football on the radio and hit the daily target, then truly exceeded it. Sometimes, even when you don’t feel like it, I guess it’s as simple as sitting down and forcing yourself to write (or lying down – I do pretty much all my writing on my laptop propped up in bed).

Today’s Word Count: 1,790

Ongoing Tally: 10,284


Day 9

Another day of family commitments and job applications. I knew I wasn’t going to get any writing done today, which is why I was so glad to hit 10,000 words yesterday. I will attempt – no, no trying, I will just do it – I will get back on track tomorrow.

It might have been fortuitous that today wasn’t a writing day. I washed my hair last night using a new shampoo and conditioner and then spent all day today sneezing. Clearly, I was having an allergic reaction. When I eventually got home at midnight, I washed my hair again with a different shampoo and conditioner and the problem seems to have been alleviated. But it wasn’t pretty today. The sneezing socialite.

I’ve only got two more chapters to complete before part two is finished and I move onto writing the perspective of a different character. I’m really looking forward to it. Especially since it’s the perspective of the killer. Nearly time to get a little bit dark.

Today’s Word Count: 0

Ongoing Tally: 10,284



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