Happy – A Poem


The child has seen good but
The adult has turned bad
The innocence is long gone

The girl once had dreams but
The woman went slowly mad
Opportunity was just a con

The boy thought he could love but
The man stayed always sad
Living under a sun that never shone

Is anyone happy anymore?

The stranger seems inviting but
The friend is shown the door
The affinity was a lie

The student thinks of learning but
The teacher sees the flaw
There’s no reason left to try

The angel tries to pacify but
The devil begins the war
No-one thinks to ask why

Is anyone happy anymore?

The virgin imagines perfection but
The whore will never forgive
Long ago the bubble burst

The mistress drowns in jewels but
The wife wonders who he’s with
It doesn’t help to know she was there first

The animal seeks to survive but
The monster perpetuates the myth
Perpetuates what is worst

Is this all planned?
Is there any going back?
If I held out my hand
Would someone take up the slack?
Sometimes it’s easy to understand
The lure of the bloodless black
The lure of the end

No one’s happy anymore


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