Gone – A Poem


There’s a shirt on the rug
Fell off with a hug
It’s been there since last year

There’s space under the stairs
Caught me unawares
So far and yet so near

There’s a book on the bed
One you’ve never read
Guess it must be mine

There’s a heart on the floor
One you never saw
To you things still seem fine

There’s a picture in the frame
Some girl – what’s her name?
Forgotten in the dark

There’s a crack in the glass
Just a phase – it’ll pass
Without leaving a mark

There’s a cup in the sink
Did it make you think
Someone had been around?

There’s a hole in the wall
Yes, it’s quite small
But large enough to be found

There’s a coat in the hall
I’m walking out tall
I can only smell your fear

There’s a bag by the door
A little less, a little more
Might have kept me here

There’s a note on the bench
Written in French
It’s all the same to you

There’s no one by your side
Something to do with pride
Guess this means we’re through


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