New Year’s Writing Resolutions


In mid-November 2012, I released my debut novel, Enemies Closer. By the end of November 2012, people were asking when they could expect a sequel. So on 31 December 2012, I made a New Year’s resolution (and made it public by tweeting it) to spend 2013 completing The Cassandra Syndrome. It’s now 1 January 2016 and I still haven’t finished writing it.

I’ve written plenty of other things, including a novel from a different series, half of another novel and over one hundred and fifty blog posts, but every time I’ve tried to go back to that sequel, I just haven’t been able to make it happen.

I’m not sure why exactly but whenever I make plans to do something instead of just doing it, I never end up getting it done. Not just writing. That tattoo I always pledged I would get if Collingwood won a grand final. (They won in 2010 and I still don’t have that tattoo.) My lounge room that I decided to paint the ceiling white and the walls grey. (Still an awful light yellow colour – yep, even the ceiling.) The upstairs toilet I was determined to fix myself after I accidentally broke the ceramic cistern. (Well, the old toilet is gone but there’s no new toilet. It looks like the bathroom in the café in Pleasantville when Reece Witherspoon needs a moment to herself. Thank goodness for my downstairs toilet.)

On the other hand, the house I currently own I inspected, made an offer on and signed a contract for all in one day. I developed a concept for and wrote a four-minute corporate video in one day. And when I had hair down to my waist, I didn’t hesitate to go into the hairdressing salon and ask for a number two buzz cut a la Demi Moore in GI Jane (although the hairdresser sure did).

I think it was John Lennon who said, “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.” It’s certainly true of my life and particularly of my writing.

So here’s my alternative – this is what I’d like to do this year although I offer no guarantees:

*Publish my second novel, Black Spot (it’s complete but I’m just waiting on a final couple of rejections from publishers before I go ahead and self-publish again)

*Complete my third novel (I don’t know which one it will be – it might be Trine, which I am half finished; it might be White Wash, the sequel to Black Spot, which I’ve begun; it might be The Cassandra Syndrome, although I doubt it; or it might be another novel altogether that has been cogitating in my mind for most of 2015 but that I haven’t had a chance to even begin)

*Continue posting blog posts three times a week (but I’m planning to re-enter the workforce and work a full-time second job again so I don’t know if this will be possible in conjunction with completing my third novel – only one will be possible, I suspect)

*Write and post a LinkedIn article that beats the number of views and likes that “Three books women in their thirties should read about misinformation, motivation and motherhood” received (over 8,500 and over 650 respectively)

Now it’s possible that I might not achieve any of these things. It’s possible I might achieve something entirely different. And it’s possible I might not achieve anything at all. Let’s find out together.

Happy new year to everyone! I wish you all good reading and good writing!


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