Book Review: The Intercept by Dick Wolf


I was very interested to read this book because of Dick Wolf’s previous achievements. I have to admit that I was expecting something a lot more intriguing.

The main problems were:
*I guessed almost straight away who the ultimate baddy was.
*The characters discover one of the next plot points because of an unencoded message (almost as bad as having a guard fall asleep).
*It took way too long to get to the main story.
*There was almost no character development (all I know about Jeremy Fisk is that he played basketball and dated a colleague – if it’s going to be a series of Jeremy Fisk books, he needed to be much more compelling).
*The police aren’t getting anywhere in the investigation so the baddy reveals himself to one of the cops to get things moving.

I was hoping for something as meaningful as Archer’s Honour Amongst Thieves and it never reached those heights.

It was okay as a first novel but for someone of Dick Wolf’s background, it should have been much more than okay. I’m not sure that I would bother reading future books in this series.

3 stars

*First published on Goodreads 24 February 2013


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