Book Review: The Host by Stephenie Meyer


Didn’t hate it, didn’t love it. I liked that the book was from the perspective of the alien (damn you, you violence loving humans) but like Stephenie Meyer’s other hugely successful series, it did seem like another contribution to the large collection of books that should all be subtitled “How to Get a Boyfriend”. And, of course, with another bizarre love triangle.

The conversations that take place between the alien and the person the alien is living in are strange at times and tedious at others. And considering that most of the story takes place in a cave, it’s amazing that the book is as long as it is.

There’s an antiseptic sort of quality to this book – sort of cold or lacking somehow. But if you like Stephenie Meyer’s other books, then I’m sure this will be just as palatable. The storyline is certainly a lot more inventive than the Twilight series and although I won’t be reading the sequels to find out (unless I’m stuck on a desert island and those are the only books available to read), there’s plenty of potential for future books.

2 stars

*First published on 17 February 2014 on Goodreads


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