Suicide Notes – A Poem


Goodbye, cruel world

Maybe I had watched too many people
Suicide in the movies
The reality was much less dramatic
Like the choice to take a nap
That you will never wake up from


Decided to take a leave of absence from my life

It seemed too flippant
And didn’t convey anything
Of my feelings at the time
What had led me to this


I just couldn’t take it anymore

But I didn’t really want speculation
On precisely what ‘it’
Might have been


It’s easier this way

But the choices were overwhelming
Should I slit my wrists
Or spend an hour swallowing pills?
Should I walk into traffic
Or jump from a height after fashioning a noose?
Should I leave the car running in the garage
Or be proactive and drive it into a tree?
Honestly, the hardest part was choosing
Which way to die


I’m sorry it had to happen this way

But that would have been untrue
Somehow it seems like the first thing
I’ve ever been able to control
In my life


I didn’t want anyone to have the chance to talk me out of it 

Maybe for once
I just needed to be
The one who had
The last


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