An Introduction and an Apology


The apology first:
I’m sorry – because, yes, I am yet another writer. You know the type. Disillusioned from years of work loosely related or completely unrelated to writing, which serves a financial purpose but adds up to a lot of regret about wasted time.
And now here I am, starting yet another writing blog and hoping someone, somewhere will see it and save me from thirty more years of disillusionment.

Now, in the time-honoured tradition of… well, everyone everywhere these days, the apology retraction:
I’m not sorry at all – because writing is the only thing that makes me feel fulfilled, that gives me hope, that doesn’t make me think I should be doing something else. Not just my own but the writing of others, too. If I’m not writing, then I’m reading. If I’m not reading, then I’m watching films, television shows, documentaries, stories in whatever form they come.
And because I’m not the type to wait around hoping someone, somewhere will save me. I want to save myself.

And finally, the introduction:
There’s nothing special about me. I haven’t had a harder life than the average person, I haven’t lost anyone in unusual and life-altering circumstances, and I don’t have a sob story that’s going to make you want to read what I write. I’m just someone who has been writing since I was a little girl, who doesn’t know how to stop, who loves stories and has so many of them germinating in my head that I would go crazy if I didn’t get some of them out.
I hope you’ll get to know me through my writing but here’s a few things upfront that might make the process go a little faster (or at least help you decide whether you want to start the process at all):
*I’ve been writing for more than twenty years – I have a lot of material (most of which has never been seen) and I want to put it out there. But I will try to be somewhat judicious and spare everyone my less worthy efforts unless I’m using them to make a point.
*I write in a variety of genres and don’t like to restrict myself – my first novella was a tale of suspense, I spent five years writing romance (practice novels, I like to call them), I started a dramatic family saga before turning it into a very long poem, I wrote an action adventure (which became my debut novel), it took six months last year to finish writing a crossover young adult manuscript (looking for a publisher right now) and at the moment I’m a third of the way through a literary crime story.
*I also do a lot of different kinds of writing – I write novels, poems, book reviews, articles, tweets, blog posts, song lyrics, whatever I am inspired to write at any given time (hopefully that explains the topic of my second post – I won’t spoil the surprise). Except short stories. I like big, long storylines and short stories have never lent themselves to that liking.
*I appreciate a good twist, sometimes more than I appreciate good plot and good writing – there is nothing more thrilling to me than endings that I don’t see coming and nothing more dull than the ones I can see coming a mile away.

So if none of that makes you want to run screaming, read on, dear friends and complete strangers. Feel free to check in once in a while. Leave a comment every now and then when you need to get something off your chest. And forgive the hubris that is a single, white, female writer attempting the one thing she is universally acknowledged to be terrible at: self-promotion. As my honorary manager frequently says when she makes me practice answering questions about my writing, “Interview over!”


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